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What Is The Cloud Security Platform?

Cloud Security is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure your business is protected against data loss or attack. Today's security systems have a lot to do with having the right technology and tools to monitor the environment around you. In other words, they need to be able to alert you to the changes that are happening in your environment. The Cloud Security Platform gives full stack visibility across the entire application lifecycle and across all of the infrastructure components on the network.

When it comes to devsecops automation security, you need to be able to look at everything from different levels of the cloud environment. The first level of the stack allows you to have a high level of automation when it comes to security monitoring. This includes monitoring and controlling the security controls that are placed on various servers throughout the cloud network.

The second level of the cloud security platform can be used to monitor and manage various security alerts. This includes monitoring the status of your servers as well as alerting you to any changes that have taken place in your environment. When it comes to managing alerts in this capacity, you can use any type of tool that provides you with the ability to view the alerts that are being generated by your cloud security platform. This includes not only being able to view and handle alerts but being able to customize the alerts that are being generated on your server. Learn more about cloud at

From the level of the cloud network itself, you can also look at the monitoring of the security controls. This means that you can look at the status of any security policies that have been put into place on your network in order to monitor any changes that are taking place.

You can even be able to take the next step and automate this process through the sonrai cloud security platform. This includes being able to send out alerts and notifications whenever any security updates are placed into place.

Overall, the Cloud Security Platform offers full visibility for the entire lifecycle of the application as well as for any changes that are going on within the environment. By making use of these tools, you can be able to get an overview of what is going on so that you can make sure that your company is protected against any security vulnerabilities that may be on the internet. and in your environment.

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